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Epic Mounts, Countless Gear Sets, Every Major Gem, Enchants…It Could All Be Yours…


From: Tony "T Dub" Sanders

Dear Cash Starved Player,

Tired of hunting for World of Warcraft gold? Tired of gold guides telling you how to do everything but make gold in decent chunks? What good is all that strategy if the end result is a big pile of nothing? Hours of your life spent each day to get…what….500, 1000, 5000 gold? What does that much gold even buy you these days?

A single mount?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Gold making isn’t what it used to be. With inflation, the mountain of really cool stuff and Blizzard’s ongoing quest to turn everything in sight into a giant gold sink, it’s impossible to feel like you ever have enough gold.

That is, unless you have all the gold. You’ve probably heard tell of the legendary gold cap – the artificial limit put into the game by Blizzard for the sake of easy math that keeps players from making more than 214,748 gold. You may even have heard of people tapping this amount and being stuck – with nowhere to go but down.

What a horrible problem to have, huh?

Get ready to be horrified because I’m about to make that problem yours and yours alone with the world’s best guide to hitting the Gold Cap in World of Warcraft.

It’s Time to Hit the Gold Cap

I won’t bore you with details on how broke I was in World of Warcraft. Let’s just put it this way, I started where you all started, with nothing. And, eventually I learned how to have a heck of a lot more than nothing. Today, I’ve hit the gold cap on three different characters and am rolling hard to the cap on a fourth. And no, it’s not a cheat, hack, or some other sneaky nonsense.

I’m doing it, fair and square and using methods Blizzard has given their express written consent to use.

Which is why I’m here. I didn’t just hit the gold cap – no that would be too easy. I wrote down everything I did and crafted it into the ultimate game plan to hit the gold cap that will work for anyone. This isn’t just another gold cap story meant to make you swoon with jealousy.

This is the real deal and you’re about to learn what it takes to dominate the Auction House in ways you never thought possible.

It’s time to become the single richest player you know, and it starts by throwing away those old gold guides and learning how the real masters hit the gold cap.

Hit Gold Cap’s 5 Step Process to Infinite Riches

Here’s the thing. World of Warcraft is expensive these days. You need a LOT of gold to get anything done. Just the new crafting patterns in Patch 3.3 can cost you over 20,000 gold to make. Think about what those things are selling for.

So, having 50,000 gold is not what it used to be. But, what about 214,748 gold. And what about having that much gold on as many characters as possible, all of them storing it so that whatever you want can be yours on any character, any realm, any faction, any time.

Updated For:

That’s what Hit Gold Cap was designed to do and that’s what I want to show you today – the world’s best course to skip the mindless farming and start making gold in epic volumes, far more than silly things like farming Eternals or running Daily quests could ever afford you.

If making gold was a cake walk, we’d all hit the gold cap. The other methods don’t work. They just promise you a “lot” of gold and then disappoint each and every time. If you’re really serious about hitting the gold cap, you need to go beyond the conventional knowledge. You need to start thinking like a pro – like someone who doesn’t just understand the Auction House, but who can dominate it.

And my only requirement before we get started? Start up your account, create a Level 1 character, and go make 10-20 silver. Done? Then you’re ready to start your quest toward the Gold Cap.

Yeah…it’s that easy.

What Hit Gold Cap Offers You


The biggest question I get about Hit Gold Cap is what the secrets are. What exactly am I doing different from the other guides that allows you to hit the gold cap when everyone else is stuck at 20,000 or 30,000 gold. Sure that’s a lot, but let’s face it, it’s not nearly as much as it used to be.

Before I say anything else, I want you to know what my gold making system does not do. Before you think “ah, another gold guide”, read this next section very carefully.

However, before I begin...

What Hit Gold Cap Does NOT Do:
  • Hit Gold Cap does NOT require you to farm anything. This is all trading and careful manipulation of server prices.
  • Hit Gold Cap does NOT require you to complete any quests. If you want to do some quests, have at, but it’s not a requirement and never will be.
  • Hit Gold Cap does NOT ask you to finance your own gold run. You can start at Level 1, with no professions and no gold and still hit the gold cap.
  • Hit Gold Cap does NOT require you to break any rules of Blizzard’s Terms of Service. Want to get 214,748 gold, but don’t want to get banned for buying it from Chinese Farmers? This is the guide for you.

  • Hit Gold Cap will NOT neglect to update every time there’s a major patch or expansion. New content means more gold opportunities – you’d better be ready for them. We are.

Hit Gold Cap is not another gold guide. I don’t want anyone out there thinking that I’m just going to throw a few dozen gold farming techniques at you and then leave you on your own in the wild. My guide is a step by step walkthrough of what it takes to make the most possible gold in World of Warcraft, each and every time.

Here's What You’ll Get . . .

Hit Gold Cap is broken down into 5 easy to follow, step by step module lessons. Each downloadable lesson comes with complete instructions for what you should be doing on your route to the gold cap.

Here's a sneak peak into HitGoldCap:

na HitGoldCap Module #1 - Getting to Know HitGoldCap
- Step by Step Introduction to Your New Favorite Gold Guide

hit gold cap module 1

naForget What You Know!

Gold guides all over the world have told you for years that grinding and dailies are the only way. Forget it. Let me show you why they're wrong.

naResources, Tools - Everything You Need Laid Out

You're not going to get there on your own - these tools will blast you to the top.

naThe Blueprint Begins

The process doesn't start on its own. You have to do some work, but I'm going to show you EVERYTHING you need.



na HitGoldCap Module #2 - Essential Addons for Accelerated Growth
- Every Add-On You'll Need with Step by Step Instructions

hit gold cap module 2

naAuction House Mastery Is FINALLY Here

Quit arguing over which add-on is best. I know which are best, and I'll show you how to use them...the right way.

naEasy Mode Mail Access

Stop wasting hours on your mailbox. Upgrade it NOW!

naDON'T Make These Simple Mistakes

Gold seekers make these mistakes every day. Learn how not to be like the othe guys.



na HitGoldCap Module #3 - It's Blast Off Time
- Prepare Your Account and Get Started with Ease

hit gold cap module 3

naReady to Start - Here's What You Need to Know

It's time to get going and this module will get you there faster than you can imagine.

na200 Gold in Record Speed

Get your seed money in record time - stop worrying about the basics. It's easy.

naLeverage It!

Take that money and start making more. It's simple - only HitGoldCap shows you how.




na HitGoldCap Module #4: Gold Strategies on Steroids

Get Ready to Start Making the Big Gold

hit gold cap module 4

naWhat to Buy, What to Sell...It's All Here

Every tip and strategy you'll EVER need to know laid out exactly as I have performed them countless times. Let's makes some gold!

naStep By Step Strategies on Easy Mode

Every strategy is laid out with step by step tips and tricks. You'll never wonder "what the heck is he talking about" again.

naNever Wonder Again

This is it folks. This is the way the gurus get rich. Stop wondering what you're doing wrong, because it's all in here.



na HitGoldCap Module #5 - Destroying the Gold Cap

Ready to Stop Playing Around? Let's Break the Gold Cap

hit gold cap module 5

naHow Feasible Is the Gold Cap?

You and the gold cap are about to become very close friends. Stop saying "impossible" and learn how I've hit it....more than 10 times.

naInsider Secrets to Master Gold Counts

I don't just say I can hit the gold cap. I show you exactly how I did it, with advanced, high yield secrets you won't see anywhere else.

naRinse and Repeat...Yeah, I Said Repeat...

This isn't a one time deal. You want two gold caps...three....a million gold? It's all doable. Just rinse and repeat.



Just Compare it to the Other Guys

I don’t want to be a downer for anyone out there with another gold guide – but you have to know they’ll never work. Just do the math. How long do you think it would take to reach the gold cap if you made 750 gold an hour every time you login?

Almost 12 full days of play time – straight. Over 280 hours of farming.

And that’s if you don’t spend any of it.

Like that’s going to happen. Hit Gold Cap is the only way to realistically, honestly reach the gold cap in the fastest possible manner. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the most complex marketplace in digital gaming and you’ll dominate the heck out of it.

Never Worry About Updates

I need to keep my gold stash up, so I’m always tweaking my methods and when a new update comes out, I’m the first one in line to throw everything I have into updating Hit Gold Cap for the newest items, strategies and methods in the game. Don’t worry about the next major patch or Cataclysm, because I’m already thinking about how I’ll adjust when they come our way.

And the best part, I offer updates for free for as long as this guide exists. If I write something new, you get it instantly, every time.

What About the Other Guys?

I hear this question a lot, and to be honest with you, I can’t believe it. Have you ever used a gold guide? Have you ever tried to make more than 3,000 or 4,000 gold in a single day? Good luck. And even then, you’re pushing the boundaries.

Gold guides just don’t work, and it’s not because the methods are wrong. It’s because they have limits. You can’t make that much gold by farming. Think of it in real world terms. If you worked for a big stock market firm, would you make more money by selling stocks to people or by owning the company that sells those stocks?

The answer seems pretty obvious, right?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you learn the strategies in Hit Gold Cap – you’ll become the owner of your own company in World of Warcraft. Forget farming. Forget daily questing. Forget running instances. Send other people out to do those things for you and save your time for the things you really love – like playing the game.

Why pay someone for information you don’t need when you could be on your way to the gold cap once and for all? Ask yourself that question and I think you’ll find the answer pretty simple.


"Love it . . . Or Your Money Back"

I’m not just going to take your money and run here either. I want you to see that Hit Gold Cap is the ultimate gold making opportunity and to do that, I’m going to offer you a 60 day, money back window in which you can try out my guide with absolutely no risk.

If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t work exactly as you wanted, if you’re not well on your way to the gold cap, if you quit playing World of Warcraft, whatever reason you have, send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


So, What Exactly Are We Talking Here?

full bundle package

I know the question is out there. How much is this package going to cost? The real question you should be asking is really "How much is this worth to you?". How much does it worth to you to learn the ins and outs of an entire in-game industry so thoroughly that you’ll be able to single-handedly dominate for weeks and months to come?

I’ve run this thing by people. I’ve tested it on friends and colleagues and I’ve seen what it can do. Let me tell you one thing. This is not just another gold making guide. And the response is overwhelming. People are practically falling over themselves telling me not to sell it for anything less than $197. Some want me to sell it for twice that, and some even want me to just keep it to myself so that it would not "ruin the server's economy".

Why? Because they don’t want the secrets coming out. They want the information kept in the close knit fraternity of experts and pros who can do pretty much anything they want in World of Warcraft.

Well, I don’t think so. I’ve been to the top of the mountain and I’ve seen what it looks like on the other side, and while everyone else is busy trying to protect it, I want to share it. So, I’m not going to charge $297 or $197, or even $97. I don’t want you to be another one of those players who continues to stumble along for months to come, just because you don’t have access to the secrets and strategies I do.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m going to offer Hit Gold Cap for only $47. The entire five full modules, gold cap dinging package is yours for just a single payment of $47. Premium updates and limitless opportunities are yours, but only if you act quickly and get in on this before that goes back up for good.

I can’t keep the price that low forever. I would be a fool to push the experts and elites out there too far. They’re already breathing on me hard to keep this information underwraps and now that I’m selling it, I don’t know how long I can keep the price this low, before reverting back to $97 as initially planned. So, act now before things change and you miss out on this opportunity forever...

This is Your Chance…Take It

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and dominate in ways you never thought possible.

Are you prepared to stop being trampled on by players you know you could knock around with the right cash in hand? Then get Hit Gold Cap today and become one of the truly elite experts in World of Warcraft.

This isn’t just another gold guide. This is THE gold guide.

Rooting For You,
Tony Sanders

Tony "T Dub" Sanders

 P.S. Don’t forget you get 60 days to try my strategies. If you’re not satisfied at any time, send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

P.P.S. Just take a look at some of the other gold guides out there. Are they offering you the route to the gold cap that I am? This is the biggest and best gold guide on the Internet. Learn how to master it and you’ll never need to even think about another gold guide again.

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